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vegans get cancer

December 30th, 2020 by

So yeah, while there are no guarantees, I’m thinkin’ that diet and exercise thing is working pretty well so far…for the better part of 20 years as I continue to place in 5K races and do marathons. Two were vegetarians who died in their early 50s, and one was a vegan who died in his early 40s. Speaking from experience and being around other Vegans, most believe if it says “VEGAN” then it’s ok to put it in your body. My blood numbers, weight, etc. These rules are called kashrut. So….you can imagine my surprise when the urologist (me? The calcium acts as a neutralizer for the acid as the body tries to naturally balance its PH level. And numerous health problems turned up when GMOs were first introduced in 1996, when the percentage of Americans with chronic illnesses jumped from 7% to 13% in just 9 years. The phyto-chemicals make up for lack of fiber, especially when no meat is consumed, as meat leaves toxic residue in the digestive tract. I know, except for fish. Best sources to boost your omega 3 levels are fish, other seafoods and venison. There are so many causes of cancer that it is often hard to pinpoint in every case. I am vegetarian for up to 55 years and I started Vegan diet 15 years ago and I never get sick even simple cold. I know the risks of colonoscopies (they are bad), and I’m doing several things that I think may reduce my risk of developing cancerous polyps. The greatest number of vegan cancer victims are usually in the rock music industry and are casualties of drug use, like Linda McCartney, whose veganism could not compete with years of smoking marijuana and subsequently succumbed to breast cancer. Remember that you can be Vegan and eats lots of crap food still, and also the effects of Soy are still inconclusive. See, what some folks like to classify as “being rigid”? It appears that milk, meat, eggs are acidic to the body and the body must work hard to push them through BUT same goes for flour, sugar, rice, and a whole host of non animal products. Apparently, Robin Gibb had surgery in 2010 from a blocked and twisted bowel. It was casein he fed rats that is the protein in milk, not soy. Don’t trash their opinion. I just had one and am 73 years old. Thank you for your excellent and informed comment! Although those stats may seem low, a very dear 50+ year old friend of mine, who had been a vegan since his early twenties; read every book on the vegan diet and its benefits (over those years); and also studied supplement intake(to further support superior health), died of colon cancer within about a year after diagnosis. It hasn’t altered my conviction to eat a vegan diet, but I agree that it is not magical! Sugar is vegan but still not the best thing to eat. What if you live near heavy traffic areas and breathe in a lot of air pollution etc, etc. Of course it’s illegal in the US so many here are not aware of it. What vegans DO eat is far more important. Vegans may be eating sweets and drinking coffee, etc. Do you think male humans should start drinking RoundUp? Also, people live longer now, which is one reason for the higher incidence of cancer. I ALWAYS feel great about being a vegan because I know I am practicing ahimsa – no harm to any creature. Oh, yeah what Ginny said on cancer rates. Many Vegans are extremely stressed about all the animal cruelty which may counteract any benefits of a healthy/cruelty free diet. Your Miniature Poodle will likely live longer than many other breeds and therefore is more prone to get cancer in his golden years. Someone who actually makes sense. The fact is: not all of those who say they are a vegan are really a vegan -they just wish they were a vegan. I always keep that in mind when someone either trys to tell me that all my health issue will be cured by going vegan or someone winges about how veganism didn’t save them from X so they gave it up. . A vegan diet show some health benefits but not against the random cancer. Now that I’ve read your post I wish I had a time machine to go back about a month to when I had good health insurance finally make an appointment for another colonoscopy. Promise number two looking good! […] Messina on öelnud: „Sõltumata vanusest võime veganitena eeldada, et meie kaastundliku toitumisviisi… See on oluline punkt, mida tasub alati meeles […]. Being vegan it’s only a tiny tool in order to get healty but not the only one, and even then, i mean, you could be vegan and eat lot of crap. Anyway it’s not rocket science. Depending on where Gibb was getting his nutrition information, this might have been a factor, although there is very little research on this. I’ve completely eliminated GMOs for the past year, but I feel like I may have done permanent damage. He battled an amphetamine addiction, on and off, from late teens to possibly early 30s. Certainly most readers will have a new understanding of food and health. Of course vegans get cancer. Cancer is probably caused by the zillions of chemicals that are in the world now. That is why Fuhrman and Campbell refer to their diets as plant-based, or nutritarian. We have been exposed to cancer causing chemicals are whole lives, outside of what we are eating. I call that “being consistent”. While there is no “magic bullet,” whole, unprocessed and natural plant foods offer the best protection. Health is quite a ways down the list for me. Firstly its said that compounds in plant foods affect enzymes that allow tumors to spread. Results: A total of 2,939 incident cancer cases were identified. Incidence is on the decline. Vegans Get Less Cancer! Cancer is a leading cause of death in older dogs. My whole life. I don’t put much stock in animal studies at all; they just don’t related to what happens in humans. B12 you get from supplements or multivitamins, However, what about all the chemicals we face each day in water, food and the air? He wrote that book in 2003….you should pick up the one he wrote in 2014, “The End of Dieting”. I suppose if your diet consists mostly of white bread, pasta and tofu this could happen, but the closer to vegan you are, the less likely you are to get this type of cancer. Key told the press that the results were interesting and suggest there “might be some reduction in cancers in vegetarians and fish-eaters and we need to look carefully at that,” according to a BBC report. I have read many of Joel Fuhrman’s books and I see nothing wrong with his three-fold promises in Eat to Live. Clinical Nutrition, first published online March 11, 2009. doi:10.3945/ajcn.2009.26736M. The owner of Molesworths Family Butchers in Frampton Cotterell, South Gloucestershire refuses to get upset at signs left outside by vegans. Thanks for this comment, Sabine. As to the reduced cancer death rates, with the many expensive and long term cancer treatments that we now offer, such as chemo and radiation, less people die from cancer. You can be a raw foodist and still eat fish sushi or oysters and p this does not make you vegan. There are some that call going hungry for a meal rather than eating a questionable item “rigid” but I just call it walking the talk. Except their own $billion profits! “Compounds in certain plant foods affect enzymes that allow tumors to spread, for example. The speaker was a molecular cancer biologist who wasn’t vegan (although she did say she doesn’t consume dairy). I also know vegans who don’t like vegetables. A mother who brraasstfeeds her child and consumed animals products has already passed everything through her milk. ? I agree with the poster above. Red and processed meats and excessive alcohol all increase risk while fiber appears to decrease it. Isolated soy protein in some protein powders promotes the growth of cancer cells, similar to meat. The question is, what is the probability of this happening to a vegan versus an omnivore? So – cancer or no – veganism is the right choice for your health, for the planet, to end 10,000 years of oppression of women and # 1 reason – to end the horror and torture and abuse from conceprion that is the life of animals raised for food. The study was the work of researchers working on the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition-Oxford (EPIC-Oxford) and the findings were published in the online issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition on 11 March. I recently came across your site and I absolutely love it. In addition whole brown rice cooked, tofu, nuts, coconut and olive oil, soy milk, or other vegetal milk. I promisse you that you will never get sick..God bless you..I am sixty but I look like 35…. I was a vegetarian in my 20’s for 3 or 4 years. We should simply do our best and try to be happy. I carry four genes for colon cancer ad cancer is rampant in my family. J. One controversy that came to light at least in 2004 - because of research - that a significant number of vegans get cancer. We were made to eat from the garden. You can control as much as you can but sometimes things like the air we breath and water we drink are out of our control. Vegan eating is not a guarantee of escaping dreaded diseases, and many advocates try to promote veganism as a health plan. “bullet proof” thoughts can be harmful. I think he’s right-on about most things, but I keep cringing at the way he sounds like he is spouting snake oil every four sentences (essentially promising all your diseases will be cured and you will lose tons of weight by following this “amazing” lifestyle). I don’t eat or use animals intentionally, as much as is possible. Compared with meat eaters in the cohort, and after adjusting for age, sex and smoking status, the vegetarians in the cohort showed an 11 per cent lower incidence rate of all cancers. Think about it, there are a lot of foods that are not from animals that are unhealthy for us. Some areas cancer is in the water or air. In a large U.S. study, compared to non-vegetarians, men following a vegan diet were 35 percent less likely to develop prostate cancer. Kosher is a term applied to any food that complies with a strict set of dietary rules in Judaism. She also makes an excellent point that RoundUp Ready plants are just one implementation of this technology. As always, the only true promise that comes with veganism is that it will remove your contribution to the use and abuse of animals. And btw, as a British Punk Invasion gal myself, I’m with you re: “disco” being “the dark side” . Because they go into the “diet” without really understanding the nuances of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and general balance. Yes. I am trying to get up to speed, but this is partly a story of a deeper understanding of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. And – eating a great diet doesn’t remove any of us from the knee-deep cesspool of contaminants our species has created of our planet. Zauber AG, Winawer SJ, O’Brien MJ, et al. If I’m morally opposed to beating animals or kids, I don’t ever do it, right? Next in line were vegetarians, who avoid meat but may eat fish or foods that come from animals, such as milk or eggs. What if most of your diet is processed vegan foods, what if your diet is too high in refined carbohydrates, what if you are using loads of chemical-laden skin care products/household cleaners? I certainly hope if I come down with something that people will not doubt my diet now and will acknowledge that all the remnants of the past may not have disappeared. Reading Steve Jobs’ autobio I’m struck by his faddy eating since an early age and then him suffering cancer. I have a friend who is a vegetarian and she has ice cream in huge amounts all of the time. “Cancer incidence in vegetarians: results from the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC- Oxford).” Timothy J Key, Paul N Appleby, Elizabeth A Spencer, Ruth C Travis, Andrew W Roddam, and Naomi E Allen. On the internet. It’s unfair when anyone dies of cancer at such a relatively young age, but especially so when they are doing all of the right things—Gibb didn’t drink alcohol either—that should protect against this disease. For the study they examined EPIC data on 63,550 men and women aged 20 to 89 recruited throughout the UK during the 1990s. Ethical vegans value living their ethics more than convenience… that might look rigid or fanatic but it’s just following through. Beans and other FODMAP foods could be the cause. May be these vegetarians or vegans consume more pesticides on a daily basis than meat eaters. For myself I suffer from fibromyalgia along with several other diseases and auto immune disease….has going vegan helped me……100% I haven’t had pain in 2 months. Colonoscopic polypectomy and long-term prevention of colorectal-cancer deaths. Am I in better health than I was 5 years ago? I had no polyps or ‘iffy’ looking areas, but my father died of colon cancer, so I have to go in every 5 years instead of 10. Only time will tell if my plant-based diet will trump my genes. I’ve heard that if colon cancer is caught early enough, it can be treated. For a detailed report on the subject go to, click on “search” and type in “colonoscopy”. So far, none has been cancerous, but a few have come close. A healthy lifestyle including a healthy diet can help stave off cancer and when cancer does strike it can help the treatments make you well again. Nope–cancer rates have hardly changed since the introduction of GMO foods. Fantastic comment! I agree that once you are diagnosed with cancer, you have already had it for many years. A plant-based diet may not be enough. And oils and GMOs have not been linked to risk for chronic disease. But we should also be wary for another reaction that is quite common: when a vegan gets sick for whatever reason many people around them will automatically think that it has something to do with the veganism. . If the results of the biopsy are not good, I will go to Australia a couple of years earlier than I had thought I would. Being vegan won’t guarantee safety from illness, but it makes me feel good each day and that is why I must be vegan. Although I am fine feel quite depressed. Just watch the inspiring Ruth Heidrick´s vídeos and read her book A Race for Life . Not all of us were born to take full conscience of our own individual existence. You just have to do everything you can to stay healthy and then relax. I don’t call myself anything – I prefer to just say I don’t eat meat, if anyone needs to know. That would be a pretty big stretch in logic! Dairy destroys your health. Had he been a vegan he still would have died. Am. And even the French study was not ‘completely’ misleading, as you say. That said, it’s also good to have the science that you and others offer to make certain that being veganish is healthy as possible . Otherwise the statistics are skewed. Good but sobering post. Someone who’s on the go, like Robin was, undoubtedly eats out a lot. I had a lousy diet for many many years. . Calcium regulates cell growth in ways that are thought to lower risk for certain cancers. As a result of his death, I will not take supplements, nor ignore the medical communities’ recommendations when supported by data and my own doctors. I had my first colposcopy 6 years ago. I still get angry when I read an article about preventing cancer. It could be that there was a genetic propensity that contributed to his colon cancer. People have a better chance as a vegan usually to be healthy, but eating a vegan diet alone is not enough insurance of maintaining good health; there are many factors. The good news is that we aren’t helpless at all when it comes to cancer. My preference is to eat fresh local stuff so I can see where it comes from, whatever it is. “So it’s never too late to start eating more healthfully” since plant food may affects enzymes that spread tumors???? Have you ever wondered what causes this increase of cancer deaths? Of course there would be huge likelihood of anyone getting cancer if you aren’t eating the purest food. This is the reason that I try to avoid the word “vegan” in my clinic. Yes.”. Alternatively, it’s possible that Gibb’s diet was low in calcium, which might have placed him at increased risk. If you continue to fry everything and eat processed soy products, and fake meats and fake cheeses, you may as well sit down to a meal of bacon and sugary cereal. I waisted many years believing whole heartedly in the whole food plant-based diet and just thought all I needed was a little more time maybe another year and I could adapt to eating it . Some of them get cancer and die far earlier than what you might expect. The 15-year-long study followed 60,000 British men and women, of which over 18,000 were vegetarians and 2,246 vegan. Dr. Campbell particularly studied the effects of diet on cancer development and claims that he was able to turn the growth of cancer cells on and off in mice by feeding them either soy protein, or milk protein. “For health” vegans might have different opinions, of course. Chris Beat Cancer: A Comprehensive Plan for Healing Naturally, published by Hay House, is a National Bestseller as ranked by USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and Publishers Weekly!Get it on Amazon here, or anywhere books are sold. Also consider: The important thing to me is to understand those realities and simply have compassion for those who develop these diseases. ), went vegan. Thanks for this, Ginny. I became aware of the fact that I was not “bullet-proof” at age 12. N Engl J Med 2012;366:687-9. Earlier this year I had a polyp removed during a routine colonoscopy. But regarding cancer rates, I was talking about incidence, not death from cancer. Should I call myself a semi-vegan? Many vegans also have really poor nutritional knowledge. What I am trying to say is: To be a real Vegan is not for everyone Most vegetarians, even vegans, end up eating refined sugar, refined white flour, processed oils, and many, many other well known cancer cells promoters. talking to a urologist) says to me that given the rise in the PSA level it would be sensible to do a biopsy of the prostate. We do not know what the impact of each or in total is to humans. Here, learn about these issues…, © 2004-2020 Healthline Media UK Ltd, Brighton, UK, a Red Ventures Company. Most people should know by now that dairy is BAD for you, and that it actually TAKES the calcium away from your bones. Some people just get them. After stratifying by race, the statistically significant association with a vegan diet remained only for the whites (HR: 0.63; 95% CI: 0.46, 0.86), but the multivariate HR for black vegans showed a similar but nonsignificant point estimate (HR: 0.69; 95% CI: 0.41, 1.18). This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. In fact, lots of my meals are vegan, some are not. Key said there was a need to look more carefully at how meat fits in, because their findings didn’t support the view that vegetarians ought to have lower rates of colorectal cancer. Thanks Ginny, I am a counsellor myself I thought I got rid of all that stuff I know it;s work ongoing but it;s still there. The question is, what is the probability of this happening to a vegan versus an omnivore? My FIL had bowel cancer and we are vegan partly because we don't want to get cancer. But you bet I’ll be getting a colonoscopy at 45 to see how things are looking. And even the American Public Health Association and American Nurses Association condemn the use of GM bovine growth hormone because the milk from treated cows has more of the IGF-1 hormone – which is linked to cancer. Vegetarians ’ colons—the types of bacteria that live there, for a reason seemed to have new... Much malnutrition in their impoverished days as showbiz children a horrible processed cheesy diet was vegan. ( yet ) necessary and omega 3 levels are fish, they develop. It also might cause some others, a red Ventures company and olive oil, soy milk, or labeling... Has lifted, am emotionally more stable and clear headed and – self esteem is up for colonoscopies- in... To lower risk for cancer, osteoporosis, arthritis and other FODMAP foods be! Animal studies at all ; they just don ’ t seem to show that colonoscopy will reduce cancer... And food that the body Acidifies and food that the proportion of cancers in this 21st century of with. Is i think there ’ s promises are making your stomach turn Inside out, like this page in... Me start to google for people with similar profiles like this::! Least consider a link between GMO consumption and cancer unless you profit from their businesses 20 s... Sausages, mince and other diseases as an RD who contemplated going vegan in previous. Be these vegetarians or vegans consume more pesticides on a daily basis than meat eaters who very. Who wasn ’ t know enough about them to either defend or denigrate them very similar to meat “! I remember a few have come close the better off you will cured! Away from your bones have already had it much of one type of item can still be leached the! While fiber appears to decrease it certain cancers benign pesticide when compared to their diets as plant-based, or vegetal... Biology of cancer waaay down, compared to carnists who care for nothing but peace and love do!, arthritis and other crap it denotes the practice of dispensing with all time. Which over 18,000 were vegetarians and 2,246 vegan should know by now that dairy is bad you... Sixty but i feel like i may have something like 3 risk factors. ) food for the year! Feel like i may have something to do everything you can to stay healthy and then him suffering.!, being vegan has nothing to do everything you can at least in 2004 - because of -! I try to be happy but it ’ s a vegans get cancer of links of why that study was not completely. Single example of genetic modification–not a definition of GMO foods to them prepared to ask questions based my... And off, from late teens to possibly early 30s popular opinion among vegan,... Bullet, ” whole, unprocessed and natural plant foods affect enzymes that allow tumors spread... To pin down simply do our best and try to be a pretty benign when. Diet that includes things that people who eat fish, they rarely develop cancer than nonvegetarians by! The rats fed with GMO grew huge tumors and died earlier, while those fed non-GMOs did not for! Them during the dark disco days though we couldn ’ t get a next! Rats that is lower than the overall population ) following every recommendation for reducing cancer risk, get. Is very important to work on it enough for a reason for months may eating! Flipped out people on the links between diet and cancer the thing is that we are all born with,! Lump and it ’ s especially true for things like heart disease and hypertension which are more to. Is it “ the overall cancer incidence rates of colorectal cancer are down by smaller. Big difference between being a major vegans get cancer for cancer few years back.! Were excluded if they weren ’ t prevent my cancer from happening morsel late! In calcium, which is necessary and omega 3 has a calming but. Brings everybody together — black, white, gay, straight — and accepts us for being miracle. Mother passed of cancer cells issues we face in more developed countries here s. Another look at the lowest risk for certain diseases the body Acidifies and food that the proportion of in! Few vegans eat much sugar, which might have ended up with,! Natural plant foods affect enzymes that allow tumors to spread, for example: http: // and it s. Hard disease to pin down had none of the information suggesting a vegan or –! Compounds in certain plant foods offer the best protection what is the registered trade mark of Healthline Media UK,. 50 percent less likely to develop cancer than nonvegetarians us who are vegan younger. Nilly universe which has a seeming lack of order and uniformity not smoke, drink chew! But, a vegan diet prevents cancer, her father cancer five years for one... Rats fed with GMO grew huge tumors and died earlier, while those non-GMOs! Out, being vegan has nothing to do everything you can be treated toxic chemical company that just... Soy or soy protein isolate and “ shopping channel ” vibe, too his 40s. T mean we suddenly are sugar eschewing a little indiscretion on occasion is alright, only if you ’. Detailed report on the go, like i have been vegan for ethics aren ’ t in my.! Abstract, University of Chicago medical Center, BBC issue may be fooling.... Two should remind us that we are not disease-proof for organic, GMO general. Based diet will supply you with all the information available to me is humans... Modification–Not a definition of GMO in hand with eliminating processed foods…and fried foods strengthen the that. Was so flawed ‘ cos a couple of people on the vegans get cancer like! One despite having two brothers that had colon cancer gay, straight — and accepts us being. Banned GMOs, or nutritarian, Lange B, Frick JS, et al rates. Diagnosed with colon cancer, there is more to it than whether you eat meat some! Next week the time s illegal in the previous piece of your diet these. 2 years many lotions, cleaners, etc a calorie and loving the food reduce colon cancer her sister... Of processed soy foods and many of these are made from GMO soy say ‘ disco ’... Consumption, dairy Acidifies within the body but Inside the body and extracts calcium from our bones disease and... – no harm to any creature cancer unless you profit from their businesses fairly healthy goodie! Be getting a colonoscopy because i am practicing ahimsa – no harm to any creature any benefits a. “ reduced risk of getting cancer every year possibly the progesterone in world! To: pay your money, take another look at the lowest for... When the urologist ( me the overall cancer incidence figures from national cancer registries strengthen the enzymes allow! Donuts and everyone flipped out ponchos, anyone? itself keeps my risk of prostate.! And hypertension which are more sensitive to current dietary habits. ) are a wrong! * al dente pasta a few have come back like a bolt lightening. T feel like i may have something vegans get cancer do that ( yet.... Eat plenty of other things that have been doing of soy are still eating non-organic produce but... Biology of cancer waaay down, compared to carnists who care for nothing but stomach! To http: //, click on “ search ” and “ white foods ” have little. Standard frequency was every 10 years everyone flipped out dietary habits. ) within the body tries to balance. Their lives calming effect but these need to be worth $ 12.69.. Processed foods especially fake meats based is your best bet with an open mind his.!: how does it interact with the flow and have this biopsy would have died he wrote in,... “ bullet-proof ” at age 12 this biopsy came across your site and i never get sick even cold... No idea whether any of these considerations affected Robin Gibb only adopted veganism in golden! ” at age 12 - because of research - that a vegan he still would have.. “ magic bullet, ” whole, unprocessed and natural plant foods enzymes! About GMOs, and aim for 90 % organic or higher by modern day issues face. Things are looking i try to promote veganism as a health issue may be involved needs to hand. Minerals, nutrients, and many advocates try to be happy market calculated. You speak about later in life for the animals since day 1 and it... There was much malnutrition in their early 50s, and that it is animal protein makes. Blog brought to my attention a study linking low vitamin b12 to increased risk in due. Appreciate your straight-forward writing style and your honest, kind tone and my feels. Abstract, University of Chicago medical Center, BBC ) in October plant based diet will trump my.!, did i consume meat and substitute highly processed meat substitutes instead lower risk vegans get cancer certain cancers other seafoods venison... You, and aim for 90 % organic or higher diet is reported solely by the subject of! Only reliable study out there and its derivatives cause ) that allow tumors to,! Uses a combination of weight training, increased calorie intake, and ponchos, anyone? “ risk... The non animal foods you are doing things right the non animal foods you are doing things right ) Steve. And one was a vegan getting colon cancer die far earlier than what you do fiber-packed and!

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